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Sales, Customer Service, Lead Generation, We do it all

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Taking your business to the next level

Unleash the power of our sales teams. Every call is a chance to connect, engage, and convert potential customers. Armed with exceptional communication skills and a deep understanding of your product or service, our sales teams are relentless in their pursuit of exceeding targets and driving revenue.

Sales teams


Say goodbye to stress and hello to a seamless journey of support and solutions. Whether it's a simple query or a complex challenge, rest assured that our dedicated team stands ready to provide the support and guidance your clients need.

Customer service


Unlock the power of lead generation with our exceptional teams
Discover the game-changers of lead generation – our teams possess the keen ability to identify, engage, and nurture leads with unwavering precision.

Lead Generation


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About Us

Discover the triad of strategic locations. Phoenix, Tucson and Hermosillo, Mexico. 

We provide full call center solutions for your business. With a highly customizable process that matches every need, our agents handle all points of contact. We are completely committed to your success, ensuring every detail is closely monitored and managed by our staff. 

Phoenix, Tucson, and Hermosillo stand as strategic locations with unrivaled potential for businesses seeking a competitive edge. This makes Szertegia a very strategic partner for businesses looking to outsource their services while maintaing quality and saving on labor cost.


Words from some of our clients

Choosing to partner up with Szertegia was an absolute game-changer for our business. Their efficiency and cost-saving strategies have revolutionized our financials

Adam D.

Medical Appointments

Our company has been able to save a substantial amount of money by partnering with Szertegia and we have allocated savings into better products and technology. Win win situation

Rick M.

Merchant Services

Why Szertegia?

Some of our key aspects



With a wealth of experience spanning countless years, we are experts in our field. 

We have been around since 2010.

From overcoming challenges to seizing opportunities, our experience serves as the foundation of our success



By choosing a nearshore location, businesses gain access to a talented pool of skilled professionals with cultural and language similarities. Cost savings are achieved through competitive labor rates . Embrace the benefits of nearshoring and position your business for success.


Our low prices are a result of our nearshore location.
By being close to the target market, we can offer competitive prices without compromising the quality of our services. Our rates begin at 12 dollars per hour.

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